25 March 2013

A Taste of Vegan at Hillcrest, San Diego set for March 30

 The veg-friendly or veg-curious locals and tourists in San Diego will definitely have an event to look forward to at the end of this month.

On March 30, the Joyce Beers Community Center in Hillcrest will be holding A Taste of Vegan, a free vegan festival full with food tasting, presentations, games, and films. The fun will begin at 11AM and end around 7PM. All who wish to attend the festival may park in the free underground parking lot of the community center.

The food samples will be presented by vendors like Daiya, Cups, Evolution Fast Food, Jyoti Bihanga, Plumeria, and much more. If you own a business or restaurant and wish to donate vegan food for the event, feel free to contact the staff at info@atasteofvegan.org.

Along with the enjoyment of sampling food and mingling with fellow vegetarians/vegans, those who attend can play a vegan trivia game where coupons from companies like Daiya, Evolution Fast Food, Viva Pops, and WholeSoy & Co. will be the prize.

If you are interested in purchasing any clothing or cookbooks from the vendors, it's important to know that they will only be accepting cash (although bills over $20 are also not accepted). The merchandise for sell will all be half off and a portion of the purchases will be donated to Last Chance for Animals San Diego to help with the cost in producing the event.

Mark your calendars and bring a friend!

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San Diego, CA Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Joanna has been vegan since mid-2010 and is passionate about nutrition, animal rights, eco-friendly living, and yoga. She's studying to major in the field of nutrition to counsel and educate those around her about living and eating healthy... the vegan way.

Photo credit: Screen Capture (A Taste of Vegan)