11 February 2013

Traditional recipes go cruelty-free in 'Betty Goes Vegan'

Have you met the Shannons yet? If not, you better get ready, because they are going to change the way you think about classic recipes for good! But more importantly, they are going to change the way you think, look, and feel -- for the better.

We all know the iconic brand name Betty Crocker and what it represents; therefore, as vegans we don’t often reference Betty Crocker cookbooks -- for obvious reasons. However, we still admire Betty Crocker for excellent comfort foods, wicked charm, and mouth-watering desserts.

Maybe Betty Crocker wasn’t vegan, but since she was made up in Minneapolis back in 1921, there’s no reason why she couldn’t be made vegan. Right?

If you have been following the blog, Meet The Shannons, you know for a fact that Betty Crocker makes an excellent vegan! Annie and Dan Shannon, founders of Meet The Shannons and authors of Betty Goes Vegan, created a vegan version of the traditional Betty Crocker cookbook and they kicked it way out of the kitchen! The book is a must-have for every family, vegan or not. It’s the perfect book for families who love great comfort food but also want to stay healthy and feel great at the same time.

Betty Goes Vegan is perfect for the working family and singles alike. It features 500 delicious recipes that use inexpensive and easy to find ingredients. You will more than likely already have many of the needed ingredients for most recipes or you’ll be able to substitute them with whatever items you already have in the cupboard. Betty Goes Vegan proves that it is both easy and delicious to be vegan.

Betty Goes Vegan will help prove the magic of vegan cooking to any skeptics. What many people tend to think about vegan food is that the food is too different, too strange, too bland, but Dan and Annie Shannon show that vegan foods can still be traditional and share many of the same tastes and textures that people are used to.

 Families will devour the “Denver Omelet” and “Mexican Hot Chocolate Mocha” for breakfast, “Bourbon Street Vegan Chicken Po’ Boy” for lunch, “Buffalo Tofu Steaks” for dinner and most importantly, the “Mini Butterfinger Cupcakes” when it comes time for dessert.

Betty Goes Vegan provides the traditional comfort food-loving family with everything they need or would ever want. Traditional dinners are made healthy with the “Cheezeburger Pie”, “Chicken-Free Potpie”, “Avocado And Tequila Steakless Tacos”, “Cherry Cola Vegan Chicken Wings”, and “Vegan Bacon Cheese Meat Loafs." The list goes on and on and you will not be disappointed! Never again can you say you would miss a traditional favorite if you went vegan, because each and every recipe you could ever desire is in this new cook book.

Push the Betty Crocker Cookbook aside and make room for its updated version, Betty Goes Vegan, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Purchase your copy of Betty Goes Vegan today and you will not be disappointed!

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Photo credit: Betty Goes Vegan -- Disclaimer: A review copy was provided.