01 February 2013

Give the gift of life for Valentine’s Day

 Forget flowers—they’ll be long gone before the month is over. Chocolates are sweet, but they rarely make a lasting impression. This Valentine’s Day, give your sweetheart—or child, coworker, mother, father, friend—a gift they’ll always remember: their very own farm animals.

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary announces its new Animal Sponsorship program. A small monthly donation, based on the type of animal sponsored, helps feed and provide veterinary care for the animal of your choice. Sponsors receive photos of their animals, with biographies that tell the animals’ stories—how they arrived at the Sanctuary, and what their lives are like now. Sponsors are also invited to make appointments to visit their animals, and witness the peaceful, loving environment in which they now live.

“Animal sponsorship is a great way to forge a connection with a farm animal,” says Indra Lahiri, founder and director of Indraloka Animal Sanctuary. “Most people are unable to adopt their own horses and care for them privately. However, you can sponsor an Indraloka horse for only $100 a month, or an irresistibly cute pig for only $35 monthly, and we do all the work! We also have beautiful cows and mules, impish sheep and goats, adorable chickens, fun ducks, a gorgeous peacock, a brave goose, and some very cuddly turkeys. What could be more romantic than giving someone you love sponsorship of a living, loving animal for Valentine’s Day?” Even better, between now and the end of February, true romantics can sponsor a pair of animals for the price of one. Email the Sanctuary at indra@epix.net for more details.

People interested in sponsoring an animal can visit the Indraloka website’s Give page online at http://www.indraloka.org/give/.

As Pennsylvania’s only farm animal rescue, Indraloka provides “heaven on earth” for 165 animals that have nowhere else to turn. Indraloka educates the community, especially children, on ways in which we can better care for ourselves and the environment while helping animals in need. Indraloka is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit situated on 30 pastoral acres nestled within the beautiful Endless Mountains. The Sanctuary’s residents include horses, mules, cows, pigs of all sizes and breeds, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, ducks, a goose and a peacock. Several domestic animals that rescue groups were unable to place also call the Sanctuary home.

Indraloka hosts numerous workshops and events at the Sanctuary throughout the year. Most events are family friendly, offering children and adults opportunities to meet the Sanctuary’s genial and affectionate animals, learn about caring for the environment, and enjoy delicious homemade meals. Tours of the Sanctuary are also available by appointment. For more information, please visit: www.indraloka.org.

Indra Lahiri | Facebook | Blog
Mehoopany, PA Indra is the founder of Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, an all-species safe haven for animals that would otherwise have been euthanized or slaughtered. Indraloka is founded on two principles: 1) the earth itself and all life are sacred and 2) we are all related. Indraloka supports animal rescue groups by providing a lifetime home for animals that are otherwise unadoptable, and also rescues farm animals from cruelty. Indra has dedicated her life to helping previously traumatized animals heal and rediscover joy, love, and trust. In the process, the animals she set out to help have become her greatest healers and teachers. 

Photo credit: Indraloka