24 January 2013

TDIV Q&A: Is it easy to be a vegan?

Is it easy to be a vegan?

The initial answer is no.

When making the transition from the Standard American Diet (SAD), it seems like there is nothing to eat. Beans? Kale? Tofu? Tempeh? What are these foods? How should they be prepared? And the inevitable withdrawal, hunger pangs, and some residual anger at whomever put you on the path toward this lifestyle.

Then the answer is yes!

The addiction to casomorphin, the protein in cheese that has an opioid effect, takes only about 10 days to subside. And the rest of the cravings simply go away especially when you remember the animals and their plight or when you realize how good you feel. The body gets used to new foods and eventually starts craving such exotic things as green juices, grilled tofu, and rice and beans.

The path of discovery is fun. Learning how to cook is a challenge mostly because many of the ingredients seem foreign. It takes some time, patience, a little research, some meals out in a good vegan restaurant to get an idea of how food is prepared. It is exciting when you realize that you can veganize almost anything: fried tofu sticks, meatless meatballs, tempeh bacon, cookies, and more. There is no limit if you use your imagination and creativity.

Then it extends to the rest of your life. You check the labels of the clothing you buy. No more wool sweaters, leather shoes, silk ties, or down coats. And because you feel so happy, because your diet is clean, it doesn't even matter.

So it is easy to be a vegan? "Easy" or not, it is the right choice for our health, the health and welfare of the animals and the planet. Go vegan!

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Long Island, NY Lisa Dawn is an advanced certified Jivamukti yoga teacher, vegan food blogger, wife and mom. She is working hard to spread the vegan love through her cooking, teaching and blog. Lisa Dawn studies and teaches the yoga sutras. She divides her time between NYC and Northport, Long Island. Lisa Dawn is the co founder of NAVA NYC, a meditation and yoga company designed to bring yoga and meditation to corporate clients.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/virtualeyesee