03 January 2013

Russell Simmons Animal Hero Kid Award recognizes creative kids who love animals

Do you know a young person who takes a creative approach to helping animals? Nominations are being sought from across the nation for a new award from Animal Hero Kids.

Hip-hop mogul and devoted animal advocate Russell Simmons lends his name to this new award that recognizes and honors young people’s creativity in promoting humane treatment of animals, using song, dance, rap, poetry, story, art, photography, video or other artistic or creative medium.

To be considered, the nominee must be 18 years old or younger at the time of the nomination. Nominations are accepted via email (kind2all@bellsouth.net) and are open until October 31, 2013. Nominations should contain contact information for the nominee and the nominee’s parent or guardian, and information about or examples of the nominee’s creative efforts for the animals. The award presentation will take place in December 2013.

Animal Hero Kids is a nonprofit organization – 501(c)3 status pending – dedicated to educating and encouraging children to take positive action for animals, and recognizing those young people who lend their voices to the call for a more humane world. Visit the Animal Hero Kids website or follow the organization on Facebook.

Kasey Minnis | Facebook | @veggiemightee | Blog
Fort Lauderdale, FL That rare and elusive species known as the native Floridian, Kasey is passionate about protecting other endangered creatures. She lives by the principle “compassion and crochet for all,” and enjoys teaching others – including her husband of 20 years and two beautiful children – the benefits of cruelty-free eating by feeding them tasty vegan treats from her kitchen. Contact Kasey at kasey@thisdishisveg.com.