28 January 2013

Pregnant vegan actress Kristen Bell speaks out against gestation crates

Pregnant vegan Kristen Bell has spoken out against gestation crates. In a letter to the National Pork Producers Council, she relates her own gestation experience to that of the pigs in confinement:
As I’m about to become a mother myself, I must pause and reflect on how poorly the pork industry treats the mother pigs who supply the industry with its profits—a steady stream of piglets.
View Bell's entire letter here. Bell's comments come on the heels of major changes in agriculture, with suppliers for Safeway, McDonalds, Burger King, Costco and other food industry giants committing to phase out gestation crates.

Gestation crates are perhaps the most inhumane element of factory farming. Bell explains the process:
While pregnant, the vast majority of breeding pigs used by the pork industry are confined to gestation crates: tiny cages that are just about as wide and long as the pigs’ own bodies, preventing these poor animals from even being able to turn around. Just before they give birth, they’re transferred to another – almost identical – cage. After some time in that cage, they are re-impregnated and then put back into a gestation crate for many more months. This cycle repeats for the animals’ entire lives, adding up to years on end of being basically immobilized inside dark warehouses.
We're grateful to Kristen for calling attention to this critical issue for suffering sows.

Mandy Brown | @msmandypandy
San Francisco, CA Mandy is a vegan celiac actress writer living in San Francisco with her husband and three rescued pets. You can follow her on Twitter @msmandypandy.

Photo Credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/shankbone