23 January 2013

PETA mascots urge Obama to veg out in new term

Would PETA miss the chance to educate nearly 1 million people about the benefits of vegan eating? Kale no!
Attendees of President Barack Obama's inauguration were so smitten by Chris P. Carrot, Celery Stalk, and Mother Earth that they actually lined up to have their pictures taken with the patriotic trio and snatched up vegetarian/vegan starter kits and copies of "Glass Walls"—a video narrated by Paul McCartney—while they were at it. The vociferous vegetables even managed to win over a woman who was willing to consider eating fewer animals than she was wearing:
In his inaugural speech, President Obama promised to "respond to the threat of climate change." We can't think of an easier—or tastier—way to do that than by going vegan.

Alisa Mullins is a senior editor for the PETA Foundation. She regularly contributes to PETA's Animal Times magazine, and her writing has also been published in The New York Times, The Charlotte Observer, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Reader's Digest, Newsweek, and many other newspapers and magazines. Her proudest achievement was participating in a sit-in at Calvin Klein's office that led the designer to swear off fur. Alisa is an avid gardener and HGTV addict who is never happier than when she has a shovel or paintbrush in her hand.

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Photo credit: © PETA