17 January 2013

ASPCA recognizes Northeastern Pennsylvania’s Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

 Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, thanks to a generous grant from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), will receive feed support for two recently rescued mules. A representative from the ASPCA’s Equine Fund visited the Sanctuary, assessed the facilities, and awarded Indraloka with a $1,000 grant towards the mules’ care.

It all began when the Sanctuary's founder and director, Indra Lahiri received a distressed call from an equine rescue near Pittsburgh. Two feral mules, who had been saved from slaughter, needed a new home. After being shuttled from shelter to shelter, the mules were slated to be euthanized because the rescues were not equipped to care for the untrained, fear-aggressive animals. Though resources were thin, Indra agreed to take in the mules.

Having a stable home, love and compassion, calm equine pasture-mates, and a room to graze has done the mules a world of good. “When the Humane Police Officer first brought the mules here, they were completely wild and very dangerous,” Indra said. “Now, instead of running away, they have dramatically improved their ability to trust, and are showing friendly curiosity towards the volunteers and visitors, much like all the other animals here."

Bev Dee of Bright Futures Equine Charity near Pittsburgh explains that mules are much less forgiving and much more aggressive than horses. “When you’re handling mules, you have to know what you’re doing,” Bev said. “Indra agreed to take them, no questions asked.” With a background in natural horsemanship and a knack for calming fearful animals, Indra was recommended to Bev by a donor who supports both animal rescues.

Indraloka, which is home to over 165 animals, most of whom were rescued from dire
circumstances, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that sits on 30 pastoral acres nestled within the beautiful Endless Mountains. As the only farm animal rescue in Pennsylvania and one of only a few allspecies rescues in the world, Indraloka is a source of pride for Northeastern Pennsylvania’s infamous animal-loving community. Indraloka’s residents include horses, cows, pigs of all sizes and breeds, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, and a peacock. Several domestic animals, who would otherwise have been euthanized at overcrowded shelters, also reside at Indraloka.

Indraloka hosts numerous workshops and events at the Sanctuary throughout the year. Most events are family friendly, offering children and adults opportunities to meet the Sanctuary’s genial and affectionate animals, learn about caring for the environment, and enjoy delicious homemade meals. Tours of the Sanctuary are also available by appointment. For more information, please visit: www.indraloka.org.

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Mehoopany, PA Indra is the founder of Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, an all-species safe haven for animals that would otherwise have been euthanized or slaughtered. Indraloka is founded on two principles: 1) the earth itself and all life are sacred and 2) we are all related. Indraloka supports animal rescue groups by providing a lifetime home for animals that are otherwise unadoptable, and also rescues farm animals from cruelty. Indra has dedicated her life to helping previously traumatized animals heal and rediscover joy, love, and trust. In the process, the animals she set out to help have become her greatest healers and teachers. 

Photo credit: Indraloka