02 January 2013

Arby's shifts away from factory farming

Despite the feeling that many major food companies do not care about the welfare of the animals they use in their products, Arby’s has announced that it is making changes to move away from purchasing its pork from farmers who use gestation crates. These storage containers are used to confine as many pigs as possible in one small area, leaving them with so little room they cannot even turn around. Even more encouraging is the fact that Arby’s makes this announcement following about 40 other major food companies which include McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Oscar Meyer, and Costco that have also made the same pledge.

On Arby's website, they state, “Arby’s is committed to only working with suppliers who have policies in place to work towards the elimination of gestation crates on sow farms. We believe there are more humane and sustainable alternatives to gestation crates and are actively collaborating with our suppliers to implement solutions that align with our company’s commitment to animal welfare.”

As more and more companies steer away from supporting farmers who still use these inhumane practices, producers will be forced to shift their methods to more animal-friendly processes. In the U.S. alone, nine states have already passed laws to ban confining pregnant pigs in gestation crates. As more disputes are raised against factory farming, more companies have been forced to take notice. Even leading pork producers like Hormel are on a mission to rid their facilities of these gestation crates in five years’ time.

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Minnesota I am a recent graduate of Metropolitan State University in marketing and advertising. My passions are reading, writing, and creating. I have always loved animals and have just begun to make an active effort into learning more about preventing their mistreatment. I am very outgoing and enjoy meeting new people and connections.

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