31 December 2012

Rescue Pet Story: Naughty Nora's forever home

Naughty Nora's forever home

Six months ago, Nora was found under a car, starving and covered in fleas. I never intended to add another cat to my family (my older cat, Pippi, seemed very content to be the only feline in the house), but at 3 months old, Nora had already had such a rough life. I couldn’t handle the thought of dropping her off at a shelter to feel lonely and scared in a cage.

I have lived with kittens before, but not for many years. I had forgotten how wild and naughty they are. Her naughtiness tests and expands my patience nearly every day, whether it be by scaling tall bookcases to knock down plants from the top shelf, unraveling my latest knitting project, or shredding a new roll of toilet paper. This is a cat that truly (and proudly) has no regard for rules or boundaries. She is a total handful.

At the same time, Naughty Nora has become such necessary character in our family-- bringing a goofy playfulness that we didn’t even know we were missing. Watching her explore, tumble, and chase has brought so many smiles and laughs. I’m left with so much gratitude for the woman who rescued her, my own willingness to take her in, and Nora’s undying appetite for adventure and pranks.

Andee Bingham | Website
Albany, NY Andee has been vegan for 15 years. She is a full-time freelance writer, blogger, and mama to two sweet and feisty cats, Pippi and Nora. Andee also shares her time and love, volunteering at a local cat shelter.

Photo credit: Andee