19 December 2012

My vegan holiday menu: Planning for five gatherings

This year, I’m heading to five different holiday gatherings, so I have a lot of cooking to do, especially since I will be just about the only vegan there. I figure it's much easier to make my own food and save myself the stress of going somewhere and not finding anything to eat.

Thankfully, all of my holiday gatherings are on different days and each requires a different type of meal, so there will be a good amount of variety in my menu.

December 22nd- Holiday Potluck with Friends

For the potluck with friends, I will be making a “Slow Cooker Vegan Nut Loaf” from the book, The Vegan Slow Cooker. I’ve made this once before with mashed potatoes and it was delicious. It’s easy to make and cooks all day in the slow cooker, so that’s a nice plus during the busy holiday season. It’s great for a holiday potluck because it doesn’t matter what time you eat at—it will stay hot and makes for easy cleanup.

One of my friends is making vegan roasted potatoes and vegan chocolate no-bake cookies, so the nut loaf will be an awesome addition to her food items.

December 23rd- Holidays At My Aunt’s House

For this gathering, we will be eating mainly finger-foods, and since I know this side of the family is skeptical about vegan food, I know I need to bring foods that will prove them wrong. I am planning on making Daiya’s Recipe of the Month: “Cheeseburger Truffles." It will be my first time trying them, but they sound delicious, especially for persuading the die hard meat-eater.

For dessert, I am bringing a vegan pumpkin pie from Whole Foods. This pie was a big hit with non-vegans at Thanksgiving, so I know it’s a smart move.

December 24th- Holiday Party At The In-Laws

This get-together will be more potluck-style, but since it will be later in the day, I am just bringing dessert and plan to eat a meal before I go. I will be making “bite-size brownie bites” from the book, Chloe’s Kitchen. I made them for a Thanksgiving potluck and they turned out absolutely delicious.

December 25th- Christmas Dinner At My Mom’s

For our Christmas dinner at my mom’s house, I am going to make another recipe from the book, Chloe’s Kitchen. This time, I will be making her “Ooh La La Lasagna” recipe. This is the best lasagna recipe I’ve had so far (and I make a lot of different variations) so I know it will be the perfect meal for Christmas Day, and something different from the delicious nut loaf we had on Thanksgiving. To go with the lasagna, my mom will make a garden salad and serve baguettes.

For dessert, we will have Colleen Patrick Goudreau’s “Chocolate Cake” recipe from The Joy Of Vegan Baking. I can already barely wait for it.

December 29th- Christmas At My Grandma’s

To finish up all of our holiday events, we are having Christmas with my Grandma on the Saturday after Christmas. She is making a vegetarian chili and my mom is bringing baguettes to go with it. I will be making “Christmas Tree Salad” from The Lunchbox Bunch, which not only looks beautiful and festive, but sounds delicious.

For dessert, I plan to make the “Mocoa Almond Fudge Cake” from Chloe’s Kitchen. I can’t help that I absolutely love all of her recipes. If you don’t have her cookbook yet, I highly suggest getting it.

It will be a busy week, but I look forward to showing everyone just how amazing vegan food is.

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