15 November 2012

TDIV Q&A: Should vegetarians ultimately become vegan?

Q&A: Should vegetarians ultimately become vegan?

Ultimately, every person should have goals to become a better person both inside and out. A person shouldn't stop at being a vegetarian when they have already come so far, but the transition is something that takes time. A vegetarian shouldn't rule out being vegan, because anything is possible!

Personally, vegetarianism and veganism are about a person doing the best they can personally do. Every person is different. I would never hassle someone over being vegetarian and not vegan, because they have already chosen to step away from the violence when they decided to stop eating meat. That is pretty admirable in my eyes. Like any vegan, I do have hopes that every vegetarian will one day decide to become vegan.

Animals still suffer and experience horrendous pain and torture when they are forced to produce milk and eggs, so the only way someone can truly not contribute to the pain and suffering is to abstain completely from eating any animals and their byproducts. Basically, dairy animals are worked their entire lives and when they aren’t need anymore, they’re slaughtered. There is no good way of life for an animal in the food industry.

Reasons for being vegetarian or vegan can vary from one person to another. If your mission is to reduce the greatest amounts of pain and suffering in the world, then it’s a no-brainer to go vegan!

For me, I was not completely satisfied with being only vegetarian. I wanted to do more for the world, and I wanted to physically feel better. I started doing more research on veganism and started learning about people’s reasons for going vegan, and that did it for me. I just needed to hear the facts and see what others thought about it. I really had no idea that animals were harmed for their eggs or milk, and I assume that most people think that too. Unfortunately, it’s wrong and very sad that we are not informed of this until we start actually looking into it.

It seems like most people’s reasons for not going completely vegan is because they are unwilling to give up their favorite products such as cheese, milk, or eggs. They also may think it’s just too much work or even impossible to make the transition. This is completely untrue and there are awesome alternatives for everything a person could ever imagine. Vegans are not deprived; it’s just unfortunate that more people aren’t aware of all the great substitutions out there!

In conclusion, every person should have goals—whether it’s to reach an ideal weight, to physically feel better, or to improve the world—and all of this can be made possible with a switch to a vegan diet.

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