30 November 2012

Rescue pet photo: The story of Sam

Sam's name should have been "lucky."  He is one of my rescued cats that was in the right place at the right time.

I had been working on rescuing two stray cats in the neighborhood for quite some time and, on the day of the rescue, Sam showed up.  Had he not been there that day, I never would have been back to see him.

I remember how he ran right up to me, crawled up my leg and meowed desperately for me to take him home!  So, I went home with three cats that day instead of two. We took him to the vet where he was treated for frost bite and an upper respiratory infection.  The rest is history!

He's been a loving part of our large fur-family for almost five years now.  He's quite the love bug and entertainer.  He loves to play fetch, chase fuzzy balls, play wrestle with his fur-siblings and snuggle up against me underneath the covers where he purrs the night away.

His behavioral qualities,  fierce loyalty and distinct markings, such as his mascara lines and his spotted coat, has led us to believe that he may be part Egyptian Mau. Of course this cannot be confirmed, so we try not to let that pure-breed title go to his head. :)

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Upstate, NY Christine is passionate about animal rescue and healthy eating. Making the change to an all-natural, plant-based diet dramatically improved her health and she enjoys sharing what she has learned. She is actively involved in animal rescue and shelter work. In her free time Christine loves to cook/bake, take her dog for long walks and spoil her cats.

Photo credit: Christine