29 November 2012

My vegan refrigerator

This is my vegan refrigerator. I keep it stocked so that I can whip up a fantastic vegan meal any day of the week. The key is to keep staples in the pantry (dry goods like rice, quinoa, pasta, beans and lentils) to go with the fresh produce and other refrigerated items.

On the top shelf is a big carton of soy milk. My husband enjoys a bowl of cereal every morning along with a big cup of tea. Next is a carton of vegetable stock which I use to make rice and beans and of course soup. Vegenaise, such a great product, is there for sandwiches and salads. Behind the front row, I have relish, breadcrumbs, nutritional yeast (nooch!), and a purified water pitcher.

Next shelf, I keep my chickpea miso (for all of my pestos and anytime I need a salty or tangy addition to a dish), Earth Balance, coconut milk yogurts for my son's lunch, a kiwi, tempeh, carrots, a box of spinach,

The next shelf contains beans that I cooked last night, tofu, gluten-free English muffins, and mashed potato flakes (just in case there is nothing in the house, at least I can whip up mashed potatoes!) Most of the time, I use the potato flakes on quinoa burgers.

In the produce drawer is a bunch of citrus: lemons and oranges. Lemons are a staple in my cooking. And lemon zest is just fantastic. I have lots of salad, apples, cucumbers, and zucchinis.

On the door, I keep all of my nuts (e.g., pistachios, pine nuts and cashews) so I can also be ready for pesto or cashew ricotta. Then I have brown rice flour and buckwheat flour for cookies and pancakes.

And I am known for my huge collection of nut butters. I use almond butter or cashew butter in my morning smoothie and I use tahini in dressing. There is Marmite, capers and my son's vitamins.

Finally, almond milk, tamari, sauerkraut, hot sauce and ketchup.

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Long Island, NY Lisa Dawn is an advanced certified Jivamukti yoga teacher, vegan food blogger, wife and mom. She is working hard to spread the vegan love through her cooking, teaching and blog. Lisa Dawn studies and teaches the yoga sutras. She divides her time between NYC and Northport, Long Island. Lisa Dawn is the co founder of NAVA NYC, a meditation and yoga company designed to bring yoga and meditation to corporate clients.

Photo credit: Lisa Dawn