02 November 2012

Healthy as a vegan

One side effect of becoming vegan is that people always look to you for health information. We are taught that you need meat to be healthy, so most people do not believe that a person can survive off of plants alone.

That is probably why I am one of the few people that love my annual checkup. I receive medical proof that being a vegan is not only healthy, but that it can also help reverse some negative medical issues.

Since my annual physical is coming up I have decided to share with you my blood work results from the last couple of years:

2007 (3 months Vegetarian) LDL: 142 HDL: 59 
2008: (1 year Vegetarian) Total Cholesterol: 188 LDL: 100 HDL: 70 Triglycerides: 88 Total Protein: 6.8 Calcium: 9.2
2010: (1.5 year Vegan and just had a baby) Total Cholesterol: 150 LDL: 75 HDL: 69 Triglycerides: 31 Total Protein: 7.6 Calcium: 9.5
2011: (2.5 years Vegan) Total Cholesterol: 134 (Healthy Range 134-180) LDL: 71.8 (Healthy range 30-140) HDL: 55 (Healthy Range >=40) Triglycerides: 36 (Healthy Range 30-150) Total Protein: 6.9 (Healthy Range 6-8.5) Calcium: 8.8 (Healthy Range 8.3-11)

One year vegan 
I said it once and I will say it again, eating a vegan diet is a healthy way to live. I conceived, was pregnant, gave birth, and breastfed all the while on a vegan diet and as the numbers show the bad stuff went down and the good stuff went up or stayed the same.

Will a vegan diet alone do the same for everyone?...no because diet alone is not the only factor that will affect your health (genetics, sleep, exercise).

What a well-balanced vegan diet will do is give your body the best fuel so that it is able to be at its best. 

Happy Eating!!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a nutritionist so make sure that you speak to a licensed professional before switching your diet. Tell them a vegan sent you ;-)

Leolin López | Blog
Illinois Leolin is a vegan, mother, wife, writer, vloger, and a cupcake connoisseur. Leolin became vegetarian in 2007 after watching MeetyourMeat.com and then vegan in 2009 after spending the summer at the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York, caring for rescued farm animals. Leolin started her blog CrunchyandHappy in January 2011. In her blog she discusses and explores the vegan lifestyle through stories of parenting, beauty, animals, nutrition, and food. She also vlogs on YouTube sharing reviews, hauls, and tutorials of vegan beauty products as well as sharing her experiences as a vegan.

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