22 October 2012

Virtual playtime: Visitors to Pawmetto Lifeline website can now play with cats online

Now anyone can devote some of their time to helping shelter animals, regardless of their location or ability to drive! Pawmetto Lifeline, an animal shelter in South Carolina, has set up a webcam in one of their cat rooms where you can interact with the cats by moving their toys virtually.  The new system is called iPet Companion, and they are the first shelter in the Southeast to use such software.

Simply log into their system (link provided below) and click on "Let's Play."  If there are other users ahead of you, you will be advised as to what position you are in their queue.  Each user gets two minutes of fun with the kitties, so you may have to wait your turn.  Once you begin, you will use a control panel to move the camera around the room, and to move up to three different toys.

I had the chance to play and it was lots of fun!  I got to move two different dangling feathers by the click of my mouse while the cats looked on in curiosity.  They did seem a bit more into playing with each other than the toys during my two minutes of playtime, but it was a very cool experience.  There were seven people ahead of me, so I imagine it's a pretty popular attraction, which is good for the cats.

Aside from providing the cats with entertainment, shelter officials have said that iPet has also increased adoptions, awareness and donations towards their animal care.

So what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and click here, you know you want to get in line and play!

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Upstate, NY Christine is passionate about animal rescue and healthy eating. Making the change to an all-natural, plant-based diet dramatically improved her health and she enjoys sharing what she has learned. She is actively involved in animal rescue and shelter work. In her free time Christine loves to cook/bake, take her dog for long walks and spoil her cats.

Photo credit: Screen capture