01 October 2012

Lynn Anderson joins Twilight's Kellan Lutz to strengthen Nortk Dakota's animal cruelty laws

“I Never Promised You a Rose Garden,” sung by country music star Lynn Anderson, surely rings true for the animals in her home state of North Dakota where violent crimes against dogs, cats, and horses, are punishable only as a mere misdemeanor.

Anderson, joins forces with “Twilight” star and fellow native North Dakotan, Kellan Lutz, in supporting North Dakotans to vote “Yes" this November on Measure 5 which will will strengthen the penalties for extreme acts of cruelty to dogs, cats and horses.

Currently, North and South Dakota are the only two states in the country that do not have felony punishment for escalated cruelty to dogs, cats, and horses.

“As a North Dakotan, I am truly saddened that my state lags so far behind when it comes to protecting animals. The fact that even extreme cruelty to dogs, cats, and horses is considered a misdemeanor in North Dakota-that really needs to get changed,” states Lynn Anderson.

North Dakota’s state legislature has inadequately addressed the concerns regarding animal cruelty but that hasn’t stopped North Dakotans to Stop Animal Cruelty, a group of animal shelters, veterinarians, and animal protection advocates, who have joined together and secured more than 25, 000 signatures supporting the ballot measure.

Sadly, this proposal does not protect animals that are farmed or hunted!

For more information, visit: www.ndstopcruelty.com/; www.facebook.com/ND StopCruelty.

Kim Hedin | Facebook
Minnesota Kim is an alumna of the College of St. Catherine. She has a rescue pet named Cocoa Puff and he is Shih Tzu and Toy Poodle. Kim is concerned with the ethical treatment of animals and cares about the quality of our environment. She avoids using harsh chemicals and other toxins and encourages others to do the same. She also enjoys a healthy lifestyle and is exploring the possibility of becoming a vegan. Kim is excited to be a part of TDIV so she can share her passions and hopefully make the world a healthier, happier place to live.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons Scott Dudelson