22 October 2012

'Cookin' Crunk: Eatin' Vegan in the Dirty South': Healthy Southern cooking without sacrificing the soul

I’ve never been down South. But let me tell you, Cookin’ Crunk: Eatin’ Vegan In The Dirty South had me channeling my inner Southern belle. Well, maybe not belle so much as my beloved cousin from Texas, as I shouted from my kitchen, “Dang y’all, this food is good! I’m fixin’ to make the Boozy Baked Beans next. Who wants some? Come and get ‘em!” And I did this in the most loving, complimentary way. There are few cookbooks that inspire an accent and embrace the sweetness of a culture as well as Cookin’ Crunk My hats off to author Bianca Phillips.

In addition to helping me feel closer to my cousin, Phillips’s wit and charm, as well as her obvious love and flare for her heritage dances from the pages, and simmers in each recipe. The book is fun, the cooking is fun, and not to mention delicious and savory without any of the guilt one might encounter after a traditional hearty meal.

If you love cornbread and beans as much as I do, this book is for you. By using traditional country staples, but omitting the meat, eggs, and dairy, in my opinion, Phillips has successfully managed to produce a healthy and compassionate version of Southern cooking without sacrificing any of the soul.

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New York Erica is the founder and executive director of the non-profit organization, Karuna For Animals: Compassion In Action, Inc. A long time vegetarian turned passionate vegan, she works tirelessly to educate others on the countless benefits of adopting a vegan diet. She currently holds a BS in Psychology with a concentration in Animal Behavior and an MFA in Creative Writing. Along with her work in animal advocacy, Erica works as an editorial assistant, freelance writer, certified and registered yoga instructor, nutritional counselor and health coach. She lives with her veg husband and their four rescued animal companions.

Photo credit: 'Cookin' Crunk' | Disclosure: Review copy provided