15 October 2012

Casey Affleck joins PETA in condemning cow dehorning

Oscar nominated actor Casey Affleck has joined up with PETA to help expose and condemn the despicable practice of dehorning cows on dairy farms.

Cows used for milk are actually born with tissue that will later develop into horns, a fact kept hidden from most consumers. Farmers will use searing-hot irons, caustic chemicals, or guillotine-like devices to remove the horns and destroy developing horn tissue.

"Cows and calves struggle desperately during dehorning,” Casey reveals in his new video. “Thrashing, tossing their heads, rearing up, switching their tails, bellowing, and collapsing to the ground—all signs of severe pain and distress.

A natural lifespan for cows is 25 years, but after being forced to produce four and a half times the milk they would naturally, plus these cruel treatments by the dairy industry, most milking cows are killed after only four or five years.

Watch Affleck's video below and check out PETA's awesome list of nondairy alternatives.

Madeline Heising | Blog
Boston, MA Madeline is studying Communications and Public Advocacy at Northeastern University. Going vegan on a whim in 2011 changed her entire lifestyle for the better. Her course of study, health and career intentions now revolve around plant-based living. All it took was one question ‘Why would you care more about what goes on your body than what goes in it?’ When she’s not in classes she works at Teavana and keeps up her own recipe blog. The only thing that makes her happier than talking about food is traveling, but it’s a pretty close tie.

Photo credit: Screen capture/PETA