01 October 2012

Article promoting milk in Health magazine prompts petition

Like the many other common myths we are told as children and are forced to believe our entire lives, the belief that cow’s milk is good for us is still stuck in many people’s minds. This makes sense because we grow up having this forced upon us by just about everyone. Our parents tell us we need milk to build strong bones and then we have the “Got Milk” ads backing that up and telling us that we need milk or we’ll end up with osteoporosis.

Everywhere we turn out heads, we hear how important milk is, so we carry our thoughts about needing milk into our adult life. What we don’t hear about, are the negative effects that milk has on our bodies and how unnecessary it actually is for a person. Like any other company trying to make a profit, of course they are going to make consumers believe that the product is good for you. If they told us otherwise, why would we buy it?

We look at magazines and health publications for important advice, so it’s a shame that Health magazine and many other publications we reach out to for healthy tidbits are still promoting milk and how it’s supposed to be “good for us.”

Sabrina Nishijima put together a petition asking Health magazine to refrain from promoting dairy products and focusing more on promoting plant-based diets. Since Health is a leading magazine, hopefully other publications will follow their lead, if they do listen to what concerned readers are saying in the petition.

After all, it is up to those who know the truth to spread the news and break the common myth that we need cow’s milk and that it’s beneficial to us. This would make for happier people AND happier cows.

Sign the petition today!

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