24 October 2012

Animals Asia's Vietnam Bear Rescue Center could face eviction

Animals Asia desperately needs your help!

Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Center is in danger of being shut down and relocated. Currently, Animals Asia’s Bear Rescue Center has rescued 104 bears from the horrible treatment which comes from bile farming, but sadly and once again, the bears are at risk of losing their homes and being held in captivity if re-located.

Director of Tam Dao National Park, Do Dinh Tien, has aggressively lobbied to shut down Animals Asia’s Bear Rescue Center claiming that the rescue center is that of “national defense significance.”

On October 5, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) contacted Animals Asia to inform them that the Ministry of Defense has declared an order to evict Animals Asia’s Bear Rescue Center.

The eviction violates an agreement which was made by the Vietnam government and Animals Asia in 2005 to finance and build a shelter that would permanently come to the aide of 200 endangered bears which were rescued from bile farms.

Animals Asia is reaching out to locals in Vietnam and others internationally to contact the Prime Minister of Vietnam and implore him to investigate and affirm the original 2005 agreement which would continue the operation of Animal Asia’s Bear Rescue Center and ensures the safety of 104 bears that so desperately need our help.

Jill Robinson, Founder of Animals Asia, states, “We are desperate to ensure that the rescue center is not closed down and relocated. The welfare of 104 bears, who have already suffered enough, would be seriously compromised, and the rescue center and US$2 million in donations would be lost. We’re calling on the public, and the media, both in Vietnam and overseas to urgently appeal to the Prime Minister of Vietnam for justice, and to let him know their feelings on this terrible threat to the bears’ welfare.”

If the rescue center is shut down, it is likely that 104 bears will be held captive once again while awaiting relocation. The bears have already spent years caged and tortured and this would cause adverse health issues and would be a major set-back not to mention Animals Asia would lose US$2 million.

The Vietnamese economy also depends on Animals Asia’s Vietnam Rescue Center, and the eviction and relocation of the rescue center will displace 77 Vietnamese workers.

Non-profit, Animals Asia, is devoted to the health and welfare of wild and urban animals.

To help Animals Asia, please visit: http://www.animalsasia.org/StopTheEviction; www.facebook.com/AnimalsAsia; https://twitter.com/AnimalsAsia/Status

Kim Hedin | Facebook
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Photo credit: Animals Asia