23 October 2012

Alice in Vegan Land: NYC's Alice's Tea Cup offers vegan treats

When vegans and omnivores get together it can be a challenge to find a place to eat that offers something for everyone. Going to an all vegan place doesn't always fly so it's awesome when non-vegan restaurants start to include more vegan options on their menus.

One such place is Alice’s Tea Cup in New York City. Alice’s Tea Cup is a quaint restaurant that's more like a cafe/restaurant/tea room. It centers around the theme of the classic Alice in Wonderland story.

Their upper west side location is only a block from Central Park. This place is always hopping on the weekends and with good reason.

Alice’s Tea Cup is more than just vegan friendly. I’d say they are to vegans more like friends with benefits. When I ate there a few months ago with my friend, we shared a delicious mesclun greens salad with an amazing balsamic dressing and a hummus sandwich on a toasted baguette. They have a soup of the day that’s almost always vegan as well. What's more is there's a sign on the chalk board that says "vegan." Then there are the vegan scones, cookies, cakes and brownies you can choose from.

So when you’re in the city, treat yourself to a spot of tea and some delicious vegan treats. At Alice's Tea Cup everyone can find something to eat and there may be an opportunity to open the minds of your non-veg friends, through their taste buds. They might say something like “Oh, what’s that vegan scone like? Can I try it? YUM! How do they do that without milk and butter?”

They're doing such a great job in the bakery department. I’d love to see them offer non-dairy creamers and vegan cream cheese too. They have the little sandwiches, you know, the fancy kind cut into small triangles without the crust? They could easily make the classic cream cheese cucumber sandwich vegan. That would be pretty awesome. I’ll make some suggestions next time I’m there. Be sure to do the same if you can. My feeling is that the more of us that do that, the more veganized non-vegan restaurants will become.

Overall though, in a world full on non-vegan cafes and restaurants that don’t have any vegan options and don’t even know what vegan is, a Mad Hatter’s hats off to you Alice’s Tea Cup! You really do offer a wonderful selection of vegan treats!

What non-vegan vegan-friendly restaurants are in your neck of the woods?

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New York Sharon is a New York City vegan food-loving fashionista who is passionate about helping others live happier, healthier and more compassionate lives. She's the co-founder of BigCityVegan.com, an online shopping destination and multi-media blog where you'll find things like easy vegan recipes, interviews, podcasts, vegan message T-shirts, shoes and handbags, and informative and fun videos.

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