11 September 2012

Realistic or pie in the sky?: Petition aims to prompt Whole Foods to close meat counters

Yes, it would be nice to finally have a place to shop where there isn't any meat in sight, but is that even realistic? Also, would it push meat-eaters away from shopping at healthy places like Whole Foods and other natural food stores? Or would it be a real eye-opener?

Ultimately, when consumers shop at Whole Foods, they are trying to do better for themselves and the planet. With having so many available options at Whole Foods, there is always the possibility that they may decide to go vegetarian in the future since they are already familiar with healthy eating. Plus, patrons are supporting a store that cares about the well-being of the consumer and the animals. If we push meat-eaters away and no longer provide them with what they are looking for, they may no longer respect us and they will probably not shop at places like Whole Foods.

Thankfully, many grocery stores provide us with a great selection of vegan and vegetarian options, so it makes sense that Whole Foods and other natural foods stores would work to fill the needs of all different types of consumers as well. As frustrating as it may be at times, we have to remember that people shopping at Whole Foods are already taking a step in making the world a better place.

In the petition, Whole Foods: Close all its meat counters by James McWilliams, he stresses that Whole Foods could lead other stores to make the same decision by closing all its meat counters. He says:

Eliminate meat counters—and do so in a way that stresses the benefits for animals–and you will be doing something not only original, but earth shattering in what it would symbolize. Naturally, you think this decision would eat into the bottom line. The almighty bottom line. But give your patrons some credit, keeping in mind that your consumers might just love animals as much as they do eating meat, and that your brave act could motivate them to contemplate this essential connection. Don’t underestimate our loyalty to the Whole Foods experience. Encourage us to buy more wine. Chocolate. Beans. Anything plant-based. Try us.

In a perfect world for us vegans, Whole Foods would take the step and lead other stores in doing the same, and encourage consumers into eliminating meat from their diets. It's a risk that Whole Foods would need to take if they do choose to close meat counters from their stores. If they did, I would most definitely shop at Whole Foods even more often than I do now, but the move would most likely eliminate too many mainstream shoppers.

If you think Whole Foods should close all its meat counters, sign the petition.  Most importantly, share a comment on the petition so you can let Whole Foods know why it's important for the company to consider taking this action at some point in the future. The best thing we can do is state our opinions and hopefully, one day, more stores will hear us.

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Photo credit: Change.org