12 September 2012

PAWS gives Ben the bear a new home

After six years of a lackluster life at Jambbas Ranch Tours, a roadside zoo, Ben the bear is adjusting to his new home at the Performing Animal Welfare Society sanctuary. Ben spent his time alone on a chain-link enclosed concrete slab at the Fayetteville, NC, zoo.

With the help of PETA, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, local counsel and a couple of compassionate people from North Carolina, Judge Tucker signed a permanent injunction granting custody of Ben to PAWS. The injunction also prohibits Jambbas from having or even obtaining licenses or permits for any other bears in the future and dictates that Ben’s former cell is not to be used as a primary enclosure for any wild animals. This ruling for Ben is good news for the welfare of all animals in North Carolina.

After flying in climate controlled FedEx facilities across the country, Ben has settled into his new home at the Bob Barker Bear Habitat at PAWS sanctuary in Calif. He has two acres of a stimulating environment to roam, elements of nature, and even a few neighboring bears to keep him company.

 Check out Ben’s journey in the video below!

Amanda Chary Vermont Amanda's dream is to one day tend a sustainable garden, take care of pigs, and edit novels in the desert, or at least somewhere much warmer. She likes to read, doodle, watch movies, sing (poorly), take in sunshine and goof off. All things robot, squid or whimsical are of interest.

Photo credit: Screen capture/ALDF