11 September 2012

Glee's Kevin McHale joins PETA's campaign to end animal homelessness

On the television show Glee, Kevin McHale is routinely splashed with a neon slush because he is not considered “cool enough” by the in crowd. While the six to eight million cats and dogs that are sent to animal shelters each year aren’t splashed with colored drinks the way Artie and his friends are on the hit Fox series, they do know what it’s like to feel unwanted.

Half of the animals sent to shelters are euthanized when no one steps forward to bring them home and the ones who do not make it to a shelter die from starvation, disease and inclement weather, among other hardships. This is why McHale decided to adopt his dog Sophie from an animal shelter. Now he wants to urge others to do the same.

After pairing with his puppy and photographer Jack Guy, McHale produced something Artie would be proud of: an ad telling people to adopt rather than buy a new pet. McHale and PETA urge you to adopt when you are looking for a new pet and to make sure your pets are spayed and neutered.

PETA and McHale want you to root for the underdog and prevent an innocent animal from being locked out on the street. If you want to be a part of the action, check out what others are saying on Twitter. Use the hashtag #adoptdontbuy. Don’t be the one throwing the slush, be the one preventing the splash.

Samantha Wood | @bostonu14 | Blog
Boston, MA Samantha is a journalism student at Boston University who hopes to pursue a career in the health magazine field. She is interested in both nutrition and cooking, especially vegan cooking. She became a vegan while in college and has remained that way ever since. She created a blog to document her efforts and it has become a collection of vegan recipes, restaurants and nutrition information. Samantha hopes to develop her photography skills as well so she can take appetizing photos of all her recipes. She loves chocolate (the vegan kind of course) and dogs, as well as California, where she hopes to live someday.

Photo credit: PETA