05 September 2012

Get ready for fall with a nourishing detox

Our bodies react to the changes in seasons and a seasonal detox gives our bodies closure from the past season and a new beginning for the next one. Our mind also reacts to the change in season as it takes in all of the external signals, whether it’s the slow change in temperature or the abrupt change of holiday displays seen while shopping.

Planning time for yourself and committing to focus on your health takes time and energy, so I wouldn’t recommend more than 4 detoxes per year. The change in seasons allows a natural rhythm to plan your detoxes and as our food supply goes through changes as well, we can align the detox appropriately.

Many detoxes focus on deprivation, which allow the body a break from toxins, food sensitivities and allergens. I agree with the philosophy of giving your body a break, but I also feel strongly that we always need to nourish and care for our bodies, which we can do during a detox with plenty of plant-based foods. I also feel it is a greater service to teach a person how to care for their body long-term, rather than offering a quick crash diet.

Registration is now open for the Nourishing Autumn Detox. This detox focuses on the ideal way to eat and offers recipes that you can use long-term and to feed your family. It also offers flexibility for the length of the detox and the starting date.

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