12 September 2012

Renew your tofu experience by freezing it

Tofu is one of the most versatile of vegan proteins. It can be used as the heart of an entree, as the creamy element in a dessert, and even as a binder that replaces eggs.

Though most vegetarians and vegans understand how much variety can come from that simple white block, many have never considered freezing their tofu. When tofu is frozen, it removes the excess moisture. This means that when you are cooking with it, it will be more able to soak up marinades and sauces, packing your dish with flavor.

It also gains a different, chewier texture, which will make your old recipes feel new again. When freezing your tofu, don’t just stick the store-bought container in the freezer; you need to do a bit of prep work.

Cut the package open, lay a few paper towels or clean cloths on a cutting board, then put something heavy– like a book or cast iron pan– on top of it. The weight will press the extra water out of the tofu. Let the water drain for about 15 minutes, then put the tofu into a freezer bag, being careful to remove as much excess air as possible while zipping it up. The tofu should freeze within a few hours.

When you remove the tofu from the freezer, you may notice that it has a yellow hue to it. This is normal, and will fade while the tofu thaws. After defrosting, press out any remaining water with new paper towels or clean cloths. Then you are ready to slice it up and prepare it however you wish.

Frozen tofu will keep well in your freezer for up to 5 months, allowing you to stock up for much longer than you would be able to if your tofu were only relegated to your fridge. Slice it before freezing and it is the perfect solution for those who can never make it through a whole package of fresh tofu. Stick your next package in the freezer, and put a new spin on an old classic.

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Albany, NY Andee has been vegan for 15 years. She is a full-time freelance writer, blogger, and mama to two sweet and feisty cats, Pippi and Nora. Andee also shares her time and love, volunteering at a local cat shelter.

Photo credit: commons.wikimedia.org DryPot