05 September 2012

'Bravo!': Exciting vegan fare without sugar, salt or oil

Imagine your favorite, most mouthwatering vegan fare prepared without any sugar, salt or oil. Boring, right? Wrong! I know it’s hard to believe, but chef Ramses Bravo has achieved culinary vegan excellence, and he has done so without so much as a pinch of salt or sugar, and not even one drop of oil. Bravo!: Health Promoting Meals from the TrueNorth Health Kitchen might be the most health-promoting vegan cookbook I have seen. And trust me, there is no sacrifice here.

What I love most about this approach, even more than the obvious undeniable health benefits, is that it shows the chef’s true passion for and awareness of a food’s natural flavor. You know, the tastes most of us have never experienced because we cover them up with any number of highly processed condiments? Let’s face it folks, ours is a culture of condiment kings and queens. Not anymore.

With Bravo’s help you too can experience the real flavor of food, and what it might be like to taste, I mean really taste the combination of the fresh grated zest and juice of an orange mixed with cinnamon and unsweetened apple juice to create an unexpected French Toast. Or unsweetened pineapple juice, bananas and almond butter to make a decadent Banana Pecan Breakfast Bar—and all with no hindrance to your health or your palate. With creative and delicious dishes such as these it is painfully clear that by giving up the salt, sugar and oil, all we really have to lose is weight and heart disease. For me, it seems a no brainer. Bravo!

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New York Erica is the founder and executive director of the non-profit organization, Karuna For Animals: Compassion In Action, Inc. A long time vegetarian turned passionate vegan, she works tirelessly to educate others on the countless benefits of adopting a vegan diet. She currently holds a BS in Psychology with a concentration in Animal Behavior and an MFA in Creative Writing. Along with her work in animal advocacy, Erica works as an editorial assistant, freelance writer, certified and registered yoga instructor, nutritional counselor and health coach. She lives with her veg husband and their four rescued animal companions.

Photo credit: Bravo! | Disclosure: Review copy provided