13 September 2012

A simple guide to vegan lip balms

Lip balm. One of the most important tools in a girl’s (or guy’s!) pocket for smooth, kissable lips – crucial for vegans and non-vegans alike! Unfortunately, lip balm can be difficult to find in your average store sans the beeswax. But luckily, we have the internet where a wide variety of vegan lip balms abound.

These are a few vegan lip balms I’ve tried:

 - Merry Hempsters: I’m a huge fan of hemp, which makes these lips balms great for me because they are the only all hempseed oil balm (at least as far as I know). Hempseed oil has a high concentration of essential fatty acids that help to repair skin's moisture barrier, so it’s great for winter use and those whose lips need a little extra moisture. I also love that they don’t melt in the pocket, and that you can buy it in 24-tube case packs at a great value.

 - Out of Africa: I’ve already mentioned this brand once before for their unrefined shea butter, and their lip balm is just as amazing. Made with 30 percent pure, unrefined shea butter, this balm is ultra-moisturizing without being heavy. A little goes a long way making this lip balm tube long lasting, especially if you get the .25 oz size. The only negative to this lip balm is it can get a bit grainy after a while, or after heat exposure. This doesn’t change the integrity of the balm at all as this is common of pure shea butter, but it does change the way the balm goes on a bit; however, it’s still super easy to rub into lips so I haven’t found this to be a deterrent to using it. It does melt fairly easily in the heat.

 - Soothing Touch: I’ve only seen this brand at Whole Foods, and the best part about it is they often have it on sale for $1.99, which is when I stock up on a few tubes! The biggest disappointment for me is that they only have three vegan flavors: Unscented, Lemon Cardamom and Vanilla Chai – a bummer because the brand has so many other yummy flavors that I wish were vegan. However, what they do offer for vegans is still good. My favorite is the Vanilla Chai – it’s like having a cup of tea with you all day, which will only be even better once fall rolls around.

 - Lush None of Your Beeswax: I love the scent and flavor of this balm – it’s so light – lemon, mandarin and vanilla. It can be a bit thick and cakey if you apply too much, so using just a little at a time is key, and keeps lips super smooth. This lip balm is also long lasting and doesn’t melt easily either.

These are a few vegan lip balms I haven’t tried, but can’t wait to:

 - Crazy rumors: I’m dying to try these because they have so many delicious and inspiring flavor sets to choose from – “fresh squeezed,” “brew” (that’s tea brews, not beers), “candy cane,” “a la mode” – and that’s just to name a few. They even have a mystery flavor, because hey, who doesn’t like a little mystery?

 - Hurraw balm: All their lip balms are made with completely organic, raw and cold-pressed nut and seed oils and butters, and each tube is hand-mixed and individually poured, which means the upmost care goes into each tube of balm you buy. They also have a great variety of both regular and tinted lip balm flavors and colors.

 - Eco lips bee-free vegan lip balm: It’s fair trade certified, and uses organic jojoba oil and cocoa butter, both of which are great for keeping lips moist. Most of their lip balms are non-vegan, so just make sure you get the right one.

But premade, tubes of lip balm aren’t the only option for keeping chapped lips at bay. Both pure coconut oil and pure shea butter (make sure it’s unrefined) are great natural lip conditioners. Or, you can also take the DIY method and make your vegan lip balm using candelilla wax, soy wax or carnauba wax; natural oils like coconut, hemp seed and vitamin E; and pure essential oils.

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Waldorf, Maryland Jessica is a graduate of Western Washington University with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a minor in English. She adopted a plant-based diet seven years ago after making the connection between the food on her plate and the animals she loved; she went vegan four years later after an “aha!” moment while watching The Cove and hasn’t looked back. For her, veganism isn’t just about compassion, but has expanded to an obsessive interest in sustainable living, nutrition and holistic health. The only thing she enjoys more than talking about food is eating it, or talking about her bowtie-wearing cat.

Photo credit: Lush and The Merry Hempsters