13 August 2012

Facebook page aims to connect animal lovers around the globe

The TAILS Network, "Transforming An Innocent Life by Sharing", is a Facebook page created by Marissa Ionno, as a go-to place for animal lovers around the globe to network together and help save lives.  For animal lovers and/or rescue workers, this page can be a fantastic tool in reaching people beyond your local circle to help animals in need.

Every day countless animals are euthanized in shelters around the world, perhaps in part due to lack of exposure.  We can't help them if we don't know their story.  The TAILS Network works diligently to change that, and to bring their stories to as many people as possible.

"It can be difficult to network animals.  You can send a picture and information to twenty different pages, but because there are so many animals coming in, your post may only appear on two or three pages.  This is where The TAILS Network is different.  We promise that any animal, whether it be from a shelter, a stray... from anywhere, WILL be posted on our wall so that all followers see it and hopefully share it!"", says Marissa.

Please support Marissa's efforts, and the countless animals in need, by "liking" The TAILS Network on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/TheTailsNetwork  In Marissa's words, "Animal lovers need to unite!"

Please note that while anyone can network on this page, you are encouraged to send an inbox/email with your story to TheTailsNetwork@comcast.net, to ensure that all friends of The TAILS Network will see your post.  Your information will then be shared on this page in a timely manner.  I can personally attest to Marissa's swift action in sharing stories.  I provided a link to the shelter animals I work with in dire need of homes, and it was promptly posted, resulting in at least 15 shares and counting!  People I never could have possibly reached on my own, now know my shelter animals' stories.   You never know who these stories might reach, and how they might transform a furry life.

Kudos to Marissa on creating such a wonderful way to help give our furry friends a second chance at the lives they deserve!

Christine C. | Blog | Facebook
Upstate, NY Christine is passionate about animal rescue and healthy eating. Making the change to an all-natural, plant-based diet dramatically improved her health and she enjoys sharing what she has learned. She is actively involved in animal rescue and shelter work. In her free time Christine loves to cook/bake, take her dog for long walks and spoil her cats.

Photo credit: Facebook