16 August 2012

The Starter Vegan Podcast #3 - An interview with Dr. John McDougall, author of 'The Starch Solution'

Host Fianna MacGregor talks to Dr. John McDougall about his Starch Solution Diet, his disdain for the Paleo Diet and the destruction of the planet through animal-based food products.

From www.drmcdougall.com:
John McDougall, MD is a board-certified internist, author of 11 national best-selling books, the international on-line "McDougall Newsletter," host of the nationally syndicated television show "McDougall M.D.," and medical director of the 10-day, live-in McDougall Program in Santa Rosa, CA. He is an Associate Professor at the Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Mare Island,
Vallejo, California. He has been practicing his nutrition-based approach to health for more than 40 years.

Referenced in this podcast:

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New York City Fianna has been vegan for 36 years. She is currently working on a second M.A. in Human Rights from NYU. When she isn’t veganizing every cookbook she can get her hands on, she’s working her urban farm in New York City. She also writes extensively on veganism, running and green living. Her newest project is to trace everything she buys to find out if it’s cruelty-free (both animal and human) and eco-friendly. Fianna and her fiancĂ© are animal rescuers of dogs, cats and birds.