07 August 2012

Morrocco Method, Int’l specializes in raw, vegan hair-care products

Morrocco Method, Int’l., the company founded by hair-care specialist Anthony Morrocco, provides a wide variety of raw, vegan, and cruelty-free hair-care options. But more than that, it provides a plethora of instructional videos on the best use of the products, as well as tips for hair-cutting, styling, natural dyeing and more.

Offering everything from shampoo and conditioner, to natural dyes and even pet products, the site offers a complete line of options for many different hair types. The products are made from minerals and other natural ingredients, and there is a list of ingredients by product available on the site. Special sections of the site address “ethnic” hair types, as well as people with gluten-sensitivity. 

A word to the wise, don’t expect these shampoos to lather like conventional products and remember that they are unscented, except for the natural odors of the ingredients. Know that you may have to try several products to find the one that works for your hair. Fortunately, the site offers trial sizes and samplers so you can try and see if these products are the best choice for you.

Kasey Minnis | Facebook | @veggiemightee | Blog
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Photo credit: Morrocco Method