John Bartlett teams up with Farm Sanctuary for fashion and awareness

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Fashion designer and vegan animal advocate John Bartlett has paired up with Farm Sanctuary to create a fashionable awareness line of tees for men and women called "The Ambassador Collection."

The collection is sold exclusively through and retails for $40.

Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of each tee will be donated to Farm Sanctuary to fund the awesome nonprofit's rescue and protection of abused and neglected farm animals.

Some of our favorite vegan celebrities will be sporting the tees and spreading the compassionate word including Anne Hathaway, Alicia Silverstone, Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand, and Steve-O.

The tees are clean and minimal, keeping true to Bartlett's style and are available in black with a bleached silhouette of either a chicken, cow or pig with the staggering number (on the sleeve) of each innocent animal slaughtered for food in this country each year.

Snag a tee for you and a loved one and feel good about what you're wearing.

Kelly Beth | @veganbotanicals | Facebook | website 
Colorado Kelly Beth is a clinical herbalist and vegan foodie. She lives deep in the mountains of Colorado with her fiancé, cat, and plants. She loves living as close to the land as possible and practicing self-sustainability, from growing her own food to wild crafting herbal medicine. Kelly Beth is the owner of twig & leaf botanicals, a vegan & organic botanical business that is also certified cruelty-free.

Photo credit: Farm Sanctuary/John Bartlett

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