09 August 2012

Greenville, South Carolina dogs for adoption: ChiChi, Ashen and Basil


A Family Affair

For ChiChi, being brought to the CCA shelter was a chance for a new life – literally. You see, she had been at the County’s animal shelter, and her time there was up. She was on the “PTS” list, and were it not for CCA, neither ChiChi nor her eight puppies would be alive today.

ChiChi soon delivered her litter, and what a litter it was! There were puppies of all shapes, sizes and colors, and one by one, most of them found great forever homes. Only two remain at the shelter today - Ashen and Basil (now adults) - along with their mama ChiChi.


The rest of this family affair would love nothing more than to find their forever home. Do you want to be that home? If so, please call us at 864-243-4222, or email us at concern4animals@bellsouth.net.

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Greenville, SC Concerned Citizens for Animals (CCA) is a local, non-profit organization founded in 1980. CCA is dedicated to helping animals and educating the public about their humane treatment.

Photo credit: CCA