23 August 2012

All about nutritional yeast

I got introduced to nutritional yeast a few months ago at my parents' house. I can safely say it has the strangest smell, not completely enticing but not a total turn off either, but man does it taste good! Just sprinkle some of these magic flakes on whatever you are eating and it enhances the dish exponentially.

Nutritional yeast has a cheesy and nutty flavor that can be used to make yummy cheese sauces for fondue or maybe that enchilada craving you've had for months.

Besides its amazing taste, nutritional yeast is packed with vitamin B-12 (check the label just to make sure because different brands may not include this vitamin), along with protein, folic acid, selenium and zinc.

Most brands are gluten free with no sugars or preservatives, and it's low in fat. I know, it's pretty great!

You can usually find nutritional yeast in the bulk sections of grocery stores like Whole Foods Market but it also comes prepackaged like the Red Star brand. If you aren't near any stores have no fear because Amazon carries it! I shouldn't be surprised since Amazon has everything but seriously they have the Red Star brand nutritional yeast at a slightly higher price than grocery stores.

If you are still unsure about nutritional yeast then go out and get a few tablespoons; it's inexpensive and keeps for months in the fridge!

Samantha Edwards | Blog
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