08 August 2012

5 Vegan pizza ideas

Pizza has always been one of my favorite foods, but triggers what I like to call the 'bacon reaction' where people assume that since I'm vegan I've had to give it up, and also that the world is about to cave in on its own axis.  But with a little creativity and pizza dough, anyone can make an awesome vegan dish. Pizza can be just as versatile as pasta, and is always leftover friendly. Here are my five favorite pizzas:

Mexican Fiesta
Use salsa as your sauce base (mild, hot, peach mango- whatever!) and top with shredded lettuce. Sprinkle on some spicy black beans, jalapeno peppers and sliced black olives. Top it off with your favorite vegan cheese and Tofutti sour cream if you are feeling indulgent, or leave them off to keep it strictly veggie.

Loaded Veggie
I also like to call this my leftover pizza. It's for that time of week when you want to go grocery shopping, but you still need to clean out what's left in your fridge. Throw some tomato sauce on your crust, and then load up whatever is left in your produce drawers. Sun dried tomatoes, corn, olives, peppers, mushrooms, avocado, eggplant, zucchini, onions- just throw it all on!

Poppin' Pepper Pizza
I'm a huge pepper fan, and the combination of a roasted, savory pepper on a warm, crisp pizza crust always makes my mouth water. Red, green, orange and yellow peppers make for a colorful pizza and take well to a tomato based sauce, or a simple olive oil drizzle. Top with banana, chile or jalapeno peppers for some spice.

Green Machine
This is my personal favorite pizza. Use pesto for the sauce base, and then load on the greens. Arugula, asparagus and green peppers are my trio of choice, but pick whatever greens you fancy! Spinach, scallions and artichoke is another great combination.

Dessert (Pictured below)
Who says pizza has to only be an entree? Chop up some peach and mango, drizzle with agave and top with powdered sugar. This simple, savory, sweet pie is a great summer time crowd pleaser.

Madeline Heising | Blog
Boston, MA Madeline is studying Communications and Public Advocacy at Northeastern University. Going vegan on a whim in 2011 changed her entire lifestyle for the better. Her course of study, health and career intentions now revolve around plant-based living. All it took was one question ‘Why would you care more about what goes on your body than what goes in it?’ When she’s not in classes she works at Teavana and keeps up her own recipe blog. The only thing that makes her happier than talking about food is traveling, but it’s a pretty close tie.

Photo credit: Madeline and cc:flickr.com/photos/smiteme