31 August 2012

10 ways to pamper your body and mind

Are you making enough time for yourself? Personal care can easily fall by the wayside when life gets hectic. If you are looking to have less stress, fatigue and anxiety in your life, then read on.

Make a personal vow to yourself right now to try a few of these pampering methods each week and reap the benefits of a more healthful and balanced life. Above all make sure to listen to your body, it is making its best effort to let you know what it needs, whether that be more sleep, a hug or a giant plate of vegetables.

Here are 10 ways to pamper your body and mind:

1. Meditation/quiet time - Take 10 minutes for yourself each day. Quiet, uninterrupted time with your thoughts and maybe a couple lavender scented candles.

2. Exercise/move/dance - An instant mood booster. Unroll that yoga mat or turn up your favorite tunes and dance like nobody is watching.

3. Banish negative thoughts - Give yourself a break. Negative thoughts happen to us all, so when one crops up, acknowledge it, observe why it is there, and then leave it behind. Do this enough and some of that negativity may suddenly stop appearing as frequently.

4. Eat more cleanly and mindfully - There could not be more truth to the phrase, "You are what you eat," so make an effort to get rid of processed and sugary junk foods, eat more vegetables and fruits, and drink more water. It sounds simple and can make a difference in overall well-being.

5. Cuddle/physical contact - Give a loved one a hug or make some time to cuddle with that special someone.  The dopamine and serotonin released during physical contact can provide an instant mood boost.

6. Get creative - What is your favorite creative outlet? Writing, painting or crafts? Find your muse and create something beautiful.

7. Schedule "me" time - Physically putting time in your calendar for yourself makes for something to look forward to. A massage, yoga class, or warm baths are all great ways to unwind and relax.

8. Take a sip -A calming cup of chamomile tea or small glass of wine can do wonders.

9. Get outside - Being outside can be instantly calming and mood boosting. A little sun exposure never hurts either. The vitamin D sunlight produces naturally can provide protection against depression and insomnia.

10. Be yourself - Your complete, amazing self. It is extraordinary what we can accomplish once we get over our fear of what others think and let ourselves flourish. Think about it.

Print this out, save it to your smart phone and carry it with you as a reminder and promise to yourself to love your body, mind, and soul.

Leslie Perryman | Website | @VeggieFiend
Northern California Leslie is an AADP Certified Health and Wellness Coach helping clients lose weight, gain energy, and lead more healthful lives by creating customized plans to meet each individual's needs. Through sharing her healthy living tips and culinary creations she hopes to spread a healthy ripple effect to the world.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/mikep1979