23 July 2012

Where to drink vegan: Barista Parlor - Nashville, TN

One of the first places Marty took us in Nashville was a newly opened coffee joint called Barista Parlor. It's a pretty neat space actually. The coffee is brewed and served out of a converted old garage so there are high ceilings, wide open floors and interesting hanging lamps and lights all over the place.

They also use a Japanese style of coffee brewing which includes these fancy, spiraling chemistry set looking pipes and levels. The owner did a cool interview talking about the processes he uses and his vision of the Parlor.

Now truth be told I'm not a coffee drinker. I can get down with a cup of tea leaves but keep those beans out of my hot water. That was until I went to Barista Parlor.

I discovered two marvelous things on this visit.

1: Olive and Sinclair Chocolate.

This chocolate - made locally in Nashville, reminds me a lot of Taza which I discovered in Boston. Stone ground, vegan, delicious. It has a strangely low melting point though. After my first bar melted in my purse I bought a few extra to take home and put them at my feet in the car so they would be in the shade and in the direct flow of cool air. They still melted.

2. I actually DO like coffee if it's in the form of an Almond Milk Mocha Latte. Marty is always thoughtful enough to order things I can photograph and taste too and once I tasted this cup of mocha I was sold. They use the Olive and Sinclair chocolate which makes it that much better.

My only gripe with this place is that they didn't any vegan items to munch on other than the chocolate. Their food menu is very very small - I only saw three items on their little printed clipboard menu and then they have a few baked goods on the counter.

Very fun hangout spot. We liked it so much we went back again before leaving.

All that coffee gave us an attitude.

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