06 July 2012

More than a third of health poll respondents eating less meat

A recent post on NPR’s food blog shares the results of a survey on red meat consumption conducted as part of their Truven Health Analytics Health Poll. The results show that, of the 3,000 people surveyed, 39 percent eat less meat than they did three years ago.

What’s the reason? Of those who are eating less red meat, 66 percent said they are worried about meat’s effects on their health. 47 percent said cost is a factor, 30 percent were concerned about animal welfare, and 29 percent limited their meat consumption due to a concern for the environment.

As for the surveyees that increased or maintained their meat consumption? The survey reveals that they are more concerned with cost, animal welfare, and environmental issues over meat’s effect on health.

"If you can't convince them there's a health effect, they're less likely to reduce,"says Dr. Ray Fabius, chief medical officer for Truven Health Analytics. 

The survey went on to ask participants how likely they are to reduce their meat consumption in the future. Those who said they are more likely to reduce were under 35 years old, whereas people over 65 were less likely to reduce their meat consumption. 

"This is a cultural change,” says Dr. Fabius. “Eating meat was almost a cultural imperative for parents and grandparents."

With 82 percent of participants under 35 citing health concerns as a reason they have slowed their red meat consumption, it is clear that times they are a changin

View the poll in its entirety here.

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