31 July 2012

Review of Enjoy Life Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mega Chunks and giveaway

On my latest marketing trip, I went to the farm market near my house, but I also went to Target for coconut milk, coffee and pasta sauce.  While there, I found a new product: Enjoy Life Chocolate for Baking.  I had been looking for Baker’s Chocolate, Chocolate Chunks but there hadn’t been any in weeks, so I picked up this new product and, as usual, read the ingredient label.

Enjoy Life is specifically a gluten-free product, that is, they are marketing it toward those people who either have celiac disease or who are for whatever reason avoiding gluten.  The added benefit of this is that it also happens to be vegan. So I took a bag each of the chocolate chunks and chocolate mini chips home and decided to do a few tests.

As a kid I loved chocolate, especially milk chocolate, but before becoming vegan, I noticed it was becoming increasingly strange. It melted faster, it tasted less like chocolate and seemed to have more of a sugar smell rather than chocolate. It wasn’t as difficult as it could have been to give it up. 

Chocolate in the U.S. is becoming more subject to additives and fillers. Very often fats and waxes are added to make the product more creamy and meltable but keep the costs down. This unfortunately is something that you can easily taste.  And there are a couple of companies whose products are so wax laden that they taste like chocolate wax lips.

Since the ingredient label listed only three items, evaporated cane juice, natural chocolate liqueur (this only means that it is in a syrupy liquid form, not that it contains alcohol) and non-dairy cocoa butter, I was hopeful when I tasted a chocolate chunk before adding it to my testing recipe.  It was delicious.  No waxy mouthfeel, no fatty aftertaste, intense chocolate flavor.  I quickly dumped half the bag into the Chocolate Cherry cookie dough. 

When they came out of the oven, the cookies were fragrant and delivered on the chocolate-y promise.  The chocolate was melt-y without being waxy and tasted much cleaner and purer than some of the others.  I am now totally in love with this product.  I see many chocolate recipes coming in my future.

Here in New York, both the chocolate chunks and chocolate mini chips are available at Target and are $3.69 a bag.  Or visit Enjoy Life Foods for a store locator.

Enjoy Life Foods is sponsoring a giveaway!  The winner of this giveaway will receive a bag of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mega Chunks AND a bag of Double Chocolate Granola!  You have two chances to enter.  Please go to www.veganfarmgirl.wordpress.com for more details.

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Photo credit: Enjoy Life