10 July 2012

No Meat Zone Video Edition: Raw Sweet Potato Pasta with Marinara

This is my new, favorite raw vegan pasta dish. The raw marinara is amazing in many other dishes as well. If you're not raw, use it as an amazing pizza sauce on a homemade vegan pizza. Yum!

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Los Angeles, CA Patty is an actress, artist, vegan, and raw foodist. She became a vegetarian at the age of 14, then eventually a vegan and raw foodist. Patty’s passion for healing and the prevention of disease through a plant-based diet are not only evident in her lifestyle, but is what inspired her to launch Lalaraw.com – her “place” to share her ideas, recipes, and un-cooking videos with the world. Currently, Patty is studying to become a nutritionist, as well as a certified raw food chef. She also practices yoga, rides horses, and enjoys time with her boyfriend and fur babies, Rooster & Junior.

Photo credit: Patty Malcolm