19 July 2012

Meet a vegan: Susmitha from Bangalore, India

Your name for all the world to see: Susmitha Subbaraju

Where you live: Bangalore, India

Why you went vegan: Awareness about the horrid practices followed by the dairy industry (I was always vegetarian before that).

Your favorite vegan meals to cook or nosh on: It's cold right now so all I can think of are hot, heavy, hearty meals - Bisi Bele Bath (a South Indian stew of toor dal, rice and vegetables with a special blend of spices), Lasagne (with coconut mylk béchamel sauce and tomato nooch sauce and lots of tofu and vegetables), Sugar Plum Vegan Café's All-you-can-eat Sunday brunch. Dang, I am feeling reeeaaallly hungry now!! 

What do you do?: I'm a jewelery artist with a store on Etsy - Art by Susmitha. I'm also a vegan food photographer, blogger and vegan food consultant.

How can people contact you?: The Veganosaurus Blog

Kelly Beth | @veganbotanicals | Facebook | website 
Colorado Kelly Beth is a clinical herbalist and vegan foodie. She lives deep in the mountains of Colorado with her fiancé, cat, and plants. She loves living as close to the land as possible and practicing self-sustainability, from growing her own food to wild crafting herbal medicine. Kelly Beth is the owner of twig & leaf botanicals, a vegan & organic botanical business that is also certified cruelty-free.

Photo credit: Susmitha Subbaraju