24 July 2012

Greenville, South Carolina dog for adoption: Koda

For most of our adoptables at CCA, we either know nothing or very little about their past; but for some we do have an idea of what their previous life was like, and often times it isn’t very pleasant. Koda is one of those whose past was anything but happy.

Koda came to us by means of another rescue. Speak for Animals rescued him from a horrid situation where he was confined to a cage day after day without any human interaction and surrounded by his own urine and feces. And just like with so many other neglected and abused animals, Koda’s supposed “family” saw nothing wrong with this. Fortunately, the family decided to give him up, and he was immediately removed from that environment in order to begin his new life and to search for his new forever family.

When you first meet him, he might seem a bit aloof. But don’t let that fool you. To Koda, “aloof” means playing chase! Once he warms up to you, he’ll be your companion and protector for life. And of course he’ll be your “friend,” because that’s what his name means in the Sioux Indian language.

Koda’s cage has long since gone, but the memories may remain. Will you help him erase those memories? If so, please get in touch with us at 864-243-4222 or at concern4animals@bellsouth.net.

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Photo credit: CCA