24 July 2012

5 reasons why Trader Joe's Rocks

Just like any other food lover, I like to go to as many grocery stores as possible. I love strolling down the aisles of different stores and comparing the varieties (and hopefully free samples) they offer. But hands down my grocery store of choice is Trader Joe's, and here's why it rocks:

1) Clear labeling Every vegan prepared food item will be marked V Vegan on the front, it makes browsing for food really easy since you don't have to comb the ingredients list.

2) Online Vegan Product List You can look on their website at the vegan list before heading to the store. You can also check our other diet needs such as gluten free.

3) Vegan Beauty Products These can be tougher to discern than food labels, but luckily Trader Joe's labels their products vegan and cruelty free when it applies. 

4) Affordable Organic Almost every product is offered in the organic variety, and for once going green won't break your bank. TJ's organic is only slightly more than their non-organic counterparts.

5) Recipes Galore If you aren't familiar with the line of Trader Joe's cookbooks, you should be. But you can also check out plenty of recipes online before you write your grocery list.

Madeline Heising | Blog
Boston, MA Madeline is studying Communications and Public Advocacy at Northeastern University. Going vegan on a whim in 2011 changed her entire lifestyle for the better. Her course of study, health and career intentions now revolve around plant-based living. All it took was one question ‘Why would you care more about what goes on your body than what goes in it?’ When she’s not in classes she works at Teavana and keeps up her own recipe blog. The only thing that makes her happier than talking about food is traveling, but it’s a pretty close tie.

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