27 July 2012

20 non-vegan ingredients


Products that may contain non-vegan ingredients
Carmine/Cochineal Extract (E120)
Made by boiling cochineal beetles alive in order to extract the bright red color.
Used to color food, drinks, cosmetics, etc. tones of red, orange, pink, and purple
A protein found in milk products
Protein powders, Non-dairy creamer, Butter flavor, Margarine
Protein that occurs in mammals, and is found in skin, bones, and muscles
Health and beauty products, Creams, Lotions, Shampoos, Oils, etc.
Egg, egg white, albumen, words with prefix “ovo-ova”

These ingredients contain egg, a non-vegan friendly ingredient
Mayonnaise, Meringue, Salad dressings, Baked goods, Pasta, Quiche, Batter, Fried foods, Faux meat products,  Influenza & MMR vaccines, medications etc.
Many E-numbers contain animal products and are harmful to your health. Included are E120,E441,E542,E631,E635,E966,E910,E904
Sweeteners, Pastries, Sauces, Soft drinks, etc. It is best to avoid eating any products that list E numbers as an ingredient due to the suspiciousness of their origin and possible negative impacts on health.
Fish Oil/Sauce/Anchovies
Oil from the tissue of fish
Worcestershire sauce, Curry sauces. Many ethnic dishes such as pad thai must be ordered vegan
Derived from collagen from animals skin and bones
Found in marshmallows, Some jellies, Gummy candies, Altoids, Frosted Mini Wheats, Skittles, Jell-o, Non-vegetarian vitamins and supplements, Gel caps
Honey/Beeswax (E901)
Produced by bees
Can be added to cereals, Drinks, Granola bars, Used as a sweetener in dressings, sauces, etc.
Dried fish bladder
Used in filtering some alcoholic beverages.
A naturally occurring fibrous, insoluble protein found in the hair, skin, hooves, and nails of animals
Hair & beauty products, Cosmetics
Milk derived sugar
Chocolate, Baked goods, Mashed potato flakes, Non- dairy creamers, Breakfast foods, Candy, Protein powders
L-cysteine/Cystine (E920)
A dough conditioner derived from duck feathers
Breads, Pastries, Other baked goods
A waxy, yellow, secretion that comes from sheep
Ointments, Lotions, and Creams, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics.
Natural Flavor
Could contain animal products
Used to enhance the flavor of food. Look for products labeled vegan. Call companies to confirm the natural flavor they use is not animal based.
Porcine enzymes
Pancreatic enzymes from pigs
Used to flavor salty snacks, all Frito lay products that are not on this list (after speaking to a representative, she had told me they do not list the pork derived ingredients on the package, and do not have a conclusive list of the products that do contain porcine enzymes), Pharmaceutical pancreatic enzyme medication

The lining from the fourth stomach of a calf
Cheese products that do not clearly list that the rennet is vegetable based
Shellac (E904)
Secretion from insects (lac bugs)
Candies with a shell, Nail polish, Certain waxes and Varnishes
Animal fat—byproducts from slaughterhouses
Candles, Wax based products, Lipsticks, Hairspray
Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)
Derived from sheep wool
Dietary supplements
By product of milk production
Protein powders, Infant Formulas, Cereals, Breads, Faux meat products, Crackers

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