13 June 2012

Vegan athlete Scott Jurek scores big with 'Eat & Run'

From world-renowned ultramarathon champion, Scott Jurek, comes his inspirational and motivational account of what it takes to run farther, harder and longer than you ever thought possible, and all you have to do is eat a vegan diet.

Well, that’s not exactly true, seriously, this dude runs 135 plus miles at any given time, obviously there are a number of factors to consider. But Jurek will be the first to tell you that his superhuman abilities stem from a plant-based diet. That, and his remarkable will and undying spirit are what makes him a modern day hero.

While I was reading Eat & Run -- which I devoured in twenty-four hours and promptly handed to my husband to enjoy, while also making a mental note of at least three people I know who must read this book—the word that kept popping into my mind was hope. Hope for a new generation of athletes who understand what their bodies are capable of when fueled properly and healthily; and hope for an industry and culture that has, for far too long, bought into and capitalized on the rampant “where do you get your protein” propaganda.

What Jurek has offered is an irrefutable account of an excellence that comes only from severe perseverance and unimaginable endurance. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, and most definitely spiritually. This is a really good book. The writing is spot on, and Jurek’s humble and truthful approach is present in every sentence. And, the unexpected yet delightful recipes that he includes at the end of each chapter are simple, nutritious and delicious.

I was honestly blown away. Not just by his acclaim and his accomplishments, but also by his humanity. And truthfully, he made me want to get up and run.

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New York Erica is the founder and executive director of the non-profit organization, Karuna For Animals: Compassion In Action, Inc. A long time vegetarian turned passionate vegan, she works tirelessly to educate others on the countless benefits of adopting a vegan diet. She currently holds a BS in Psychology with a concentration in Animal Behavior and an MFA in Creative Writing. Along with her work in animal advocacy, Erica works as an editorial assistant, freelance writer, certified and registered yoga instructor, nutritional counselor and health coach. She lives with her veg husband and their four rescued animal companions.

Photo credit: Eat & Run | Disclosure: Review copy provided