26 June 2012

Tasting the many flavors of Tribe

Most love it, few dislike it. Whether you’re dipping veggies in it or smearing it on a sandwich, you’ve probably tasted the garlicky spread. If you’re not a fan of the traditional Mediterranean blend of chickpeas, tahini and lemon, I suggest you try one of the many creative Tribe flavors.

I’m one of the many hummus-loving vegans. I could eat it every day, straight off of the spoon – no pita required. Usually, I grab a generic, family size tub offered by my local grocery chain. Amazed by the amount of flavors available, I decided to a do a Tribe taste test.

I grabbed three Tribe flavors that appeared most unique and appetizing to my palate – Cracked Chili Peppers, Forty Spices and Kalamata Olive.

If you’re looking for a hummus with a mild kick, go for the Cracked Chili Pepper. The taste was flavorful, but not overwhelming. It was great with a bowl of flaxseed, whole grain tortilla chips. If you’re looking for a “hot” hummus, I wouldn’t suggest this one. As a lover of all things spicy, I hoped for more heat. Next time, I’ll go for Tribe’s Spicy Chipotle or Jalapeno instead.

For the ultimate Mediterranean sandwich, I placed a large dollop of Kalamata Olive hummus on multi-grain flatbread piled high with lettuce, roasted red peppers and sprouts. The salty olive flavor paired perfectly with the smooth, classic flavor of hummus. It was so delicious that I made a second sandwich for dinner. It’s a must-have for any olive fan.

Forty Spices – my new favorite hummus! I’m not ashamed to say that this little tub of love was gobbled up less than 24 hours after making its appearance in my refrigerator. I scooped it up with some raw vegetables, cleaning out the container with my finger. I don’t know what the forty spices are in this hummus, but delicious is an understatement. It transformed a bowl of plain vegetables into an exotic, healthy snack.

If you’re looking to mix up your hummus habit, I suggest grabbing one of Tribe’s many flavors. I plan on picking up a few on my next grocery trip. Cilantro Chimichurri hummus, anyone?

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Buffalo, New York Kaitlyn is a graduate of St. Bonaventure University with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and minor in Women’s Studies. She worked as a barista at a vegan cafĂ© before landing a job as assignment editor for a TV news station in Buffalo, New York. She's trying to be a “runner" and just signed up to run her first half-marathon in May. Also, she loves food - especially vegan cupcakes.

Photo credit: Tribe

Disclaimer: A sample was provided by Tribe for evaluation.