22 June 2012

Sea Shepherd getting help from the Simpsons?

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has confirmed the addition of a new boat to their fleet. The "Sam Simon" will soon be joining the Steve Irwin, Brigitte Bardot, and Bob Barker in protecting the planet's ocean life.

Sam Simon, co-creator of the Simpson's and a long time animal activist has donated the funds to acquire the fourth vessel. The vessel, ironically enough, was formally owned by the German government. Earlier this year Captain Paul Watson spent time under arrest in Germany on extradition charges to Costa Rica.

The new boat will be ready for this year's trip to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in what's being called Operation Zero Tolerance. The name reflecting the mission of zero kills this year in the Antarctic. Sea Shepherd is planning on sending four ships, two helicopters, and unmanned drones to put an end to the illegal whale hunt.

The world is one step closer to ending commercial whaling thanks to generous donations from people like Sam Simon.

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