11 June 2012

Say vegan cheese: Galaxy Vegan Shreds give plant-based eaters another cruelty-free cheese substitute

For vegans, a trip along the cheese aisle for a good substitute can be frustrating with many dairy products and virtually only one or two options that are completely animal friendly. But lo and behold, another milk-free vegan cheese option is now available.

Galaxy Nutritional Foods recently released a new cheese shred alternative, Galaxy Vegan Shreds, to local grocery store chains across the country.

“Our daily mission is to exceed the high expectations of health conscious consumers everywhere by offering smarter and more sensible eating alternatives,” the health-driven company states.

Galaxy Nutritional Foods recently sent me a sample of their new Vegan Shreds, and I was highly impressed. The shredded cheese melts wonderfully, making the product an amazing option for pizza and lasagna. Galaxy Vegan Shreds are great to cook with and a delicious addition to cheese alternatives.

For more information, coupons, and where to buy, visit Galaxy Nutritional Foods' website here

Julia is a student who has a passion for veganism, animal welfare, and religious studies.

Photo credit: Galaxy