Plant-based cooking show 'Vegan Mashup' set to air on PBS this fall

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Delicious TV, the Maine-based production team behind "Totally Vegetarian" is working on a new public television series "Vegan Mashup," an all-plant based cooking show set to air this fall.

Hosts for the new show include New York City chef and best selling author Terry Hope Romero; "Totally Vegetarian" star Toni Fiore; and cookbook author Miyoko Schinner, whose newest cookbook "Artisan Vegan Cheese" is sets to hit bookstores later this year.

Filming for the first season is complete, and will include six themed episodes with three to four featured recipes. The show will highlight breakfast, cheap eats, appetizers, holiday cooking, teen-friendly recipes as well as Mediterranean dishes.

"We're really trying to focus on good, healthy food you can prepare in quantity on a budget," Fiore said.

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